Night Adventures in Dubai

Dubai has many opportunities for tourists to explore. You can indulge in many exciting activities to enjoy your trip. In past years, Dubai has emerged as one of the hotspots for tourists to visit any time of the year to enjoy the thrilling adventures it has to offer. The nights in Dubai are even a more magical and focal point of Arabian adventures. The tall skyscrapers, lavish malls, breathtaking views of coastal areas, and incredible views of the Arabian Desert are the perfect recipe to have an enthralling trip to Dubai. There are many attraction points in Dubai to enjoy at night.

Desert Safari

The night in the desert is one of the most charming attractions in Dubai. There are many activities that you can enjoy in the desert. If you hire the services of professional tour operators such as Arabian Tours Dubai, you will be given an enthralling opportunity to spend a night in the desert and witness life in Bedouin tents. The base camp in the Arabian adventures offers a colorful night including a lavish dinner under a sky full of stars and exotic performances by professional traditional dance artists. There is also a fire show and henna stalls for families to enjoy. It is also a perfect opportunity for star gazing and looking at mesmerizing sky stretched across miles hovering all over the desert. Visiting the desert at night is one of the most sought-after attractions in Dubai.

City Tour

You can roam around the city the entire day but the experience is different altogether at night. The tall skyscrapers become more thriving at night rather than day. The city becomes alive and you get to witness a flood of light and bustle of life all around you. It is more fun to tour the city at night and one must go out and see the city at night. You can go to restaurants, malls, parks, beaches,

Dhow Cruise Marina

Dinning in an old wooden moving vessel in a wide-open sea at night is another experience in itself. The wooden vessels in old times were used to transport goods across regions but in recent times they are used as attraction points for tourists to have a scrumptious dinner at night. At Dhow dinner cruise marina, the vessel keeps moving around the city while the visitors are offered a delicious meal along with traditional drinks and Arabian Cuisine.